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Get M-Tag for M2 Motorway in Pakistan {Complete Guide}

What is M-Tag?

M-Tag for m2 will certainly function much like its precursor E-Tag however in a much faster way. The lorry owners will be provided a chip, a. Radio-frequency recognition (RFID) pre-paid chip that will aid the booths set up on the toll plazas to scan the cars when travelling through the toll plaza. The scanners will certainly then read the chips mounted on the automobiles as they travel through it as well as your tax obligation will be deducted upon passing through immediately. The scanner will certainly likewise have a function to tape your place of entry and departure point, along with the continuing to be amount in your RFID-chip. Automobile owners can charge via the FWO website or application in addition to JazzCash. You can also charge your account via scrape cards of Rs 200, Rs 500, Rs 1000, Rs 2000 and Rs 3000.

There were devoted lanes on the toll cubicles for the E-tag commutators, as well as they were only available to those that had the E-tag sticker. NADRA was managing the E-tag system, linking the car and proprietors’ details through a common database. As M-Tag is changing E-tag, FWO claims it will certainly be managing it in the meantime. M-Tag is for industrial Lorries today, they intend to introduce the center for all private proprietors in the later stage of the job.

Why it is needed?

An M-tag enables a tourist to pay the toll tax immediately within seconds rather than waiting in long lines at a toll plaza. The M-tag is needed for traveling on the M-2 motorway for now but it is expected that it will certainly be made mandatory for traveling on all other freeways too in the coming future.

Needed Documents for M-TAG

  • CNIC.
  • Vehicle Registration Publication.
  • Driving License.


Tag enrollment is free of cost. So, you do not have to pay to get an m-tag. Moreover, no minimum equilibrium is needed for M-tag.

Obtain the M-Tag free prior to 31st December 2021.

  • No lorry is permitted on Lahore Islamabad Motorway without M-Tag for m2.
  • Non listed cars are currently outlawed on Freeway.
  • Cars and Truck Registration Documents are not required to obtain the M-Tag,

How to get an M-tag?

M-tags are available at unique booths at the toll plazas of the M-2 freeway. People can obtain M-tag for their Lorries within minutes in the list below simple steps:

  • Go to the nearest toll plaza in your vehicle.
  • Provide CNIC.
  • Provide evidence of COVID-19 inoculation.
  • Give vehicle details.
  • Give phone number.
  • Get M-tag.


M-tag is a sticker that needs to stick on the auto’s windscreen on the top right. Here is one essential thing to discuss that it has to be stuck inside the cars and not outside.


If you wish to check the M-tag ID, just send SMS by creating MTAG CNIC Number” as well as send out to 9909.

How to recharge M-tag?

There are a variety of methods citizens can recharge their M-tag for m2 Motorway:

  • Recharge via customer care centers.
  • Recharge M-Tag via drive-through at toll plazas.
  • Recharge via scratch card.
  • Recharge using Jazz Cash/Easy paisa/Upaisa mobile applications. 
  • Recharge using M-tag One Network mobile application.

How to check M Tag Balance?

These are 2 authentic & 100% working Approaches for Mtag equilibrium in Pakistan:

1. SMS Method

2. App Method

Know Balance with SMS

You can type a new SMS and send it according to a given technique and inquire about the balance of your account. It is the simplest technique that can also perform by any kind of kid.

Follow these steps:

  • Open “type a new SMS”
  • Currently type “Balance 12123432 (m-tag id)”.
  • Send it to 9909 and wait for a reply.
  • You will certainly receive full m-tag account info quickly.

This M-Tag Balance Check method through text is not free and costs Rs 2 + tax according to government Professionals. That’s why your SIM must have a few rupees in a pre-paid account to successfully send the inquiry SMS.

Know Balance with Application.

Everyone have the Jazz Cash app on our smart phones. According to the current updates, the app has just recently released the “M-Tag” recharge choice as its “traveling features”. Thus we will certainly use this function to ask about our balance.

We will certainly try to recharge our M-Tag id and when the application shows us a “verification notification” after that on that particular notification the current “M-Tag balance” will be written, we will see our balance and terminate the “m-tag recharge notice”.
 Follow these steps:

  • Open Up JazzCash Application.
  • Now open up the “view all”.
  • Open Up “M-Tag Recharge”.
  • Enter your M Tag ID.
  • On next notification see the complete invoice.
  • This receipt also show the existing balance of M Tag.
  • You just note your balance and close that notification.
  • Hence via “JazzCash M-Tag Recharge” option we can ask M-Tag Balance.


With the adage of “One Country, One Tag”, ONE Network is promoting commuters to seamlessly travel via toll plazas. No lengthy lines, no ‘card’ or ‘manual tab’ system, no frequent toll costs– traveling as long as you desire without bothering with the toll as well as cash-in-hand. For Toll Collection and also Monitoring Authorities, M-Tag make sure transparent and also problem-free toll collection with very low procedure and upkeep cost. Now, you can additionally make use M-Tag services by stopping by any close-by M-Tag Drive With or closest M-Tag for m2 Facility. If your Tag is running low on cash money, you can quickly charge your account by visiting any type of Recharge Center or utilize online repayment alternatives such as JazzCash, Easy Paisa, as well as online banking linked with 1Link!

How to Download the M-tag One Network Application.

It’s really easy to download the mtag One Network application merely most likely to the Play Store or Apple App Store and also search the bar with One Network App that’s it you will certainly see the pointed out application.

About the One Network Application.

One Network Application makes it very easy for everybody to handle their M-TAG by giving the complying with services:

  • Equilibrium Questions.
  • Traveling History.
  • Account and also Lorry Details.
  • M-TAG Balance Recharge.
  • Toll Calculator.

M-TAG Recharge Options in Motorways Mtag App

You can recharge your M-TAG through the Mtag One Network Application by using your Debit or Bank Card. Nevertheless, there are numerous various other choices available to recharge your M-TAG too, consisting of Jazz Cash, EasyPaisa, UPaisa, as well as Key Solution Locations.