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How to Become a Filer in Pakistan {Guide}

If you are the person of Pakistan, it is your responsibility to pay your income tax, To become a filer in Pakistan, you should have a sim card registered with your very own CNIC number, your individual e-mail address, pdf file data of Certification of upkeep of your individual bank account, Proof of Tenancy/Ownership of company properties in case if you have any type of organization and also paid energy bill of organization properties which might} not be older than 3 months. If You cannot do this process call us: +92 304 1111222

  • Open up FBR IRIS Website, click registration for a non-registered user and provide all relevant info.
  • Give all the information such as you First Name, Last Name, CNIC, mobile number, Email Address etc to complete registration procedure.
  • Login in to your account and also put all your earnings information in the form. Congratulations you are tax filer now.
  • Type ATL (space) 13-digit CNIC number and send out SMS to 9966, to examine whether you are active taxpayer listing or currently not. Also Read Law of Inheritence in Pakistan

Note: Registered Users can login by putting Registration No and Password.

Login for persons that are already filer

How to Become a filer in Pakistan Brief Details


  • Copy of CNIC
  • Complete income made throughout the last
  • Bank statements and certifications suggesting the tax obligation deductions you make.
  • Registered cell number
  • Your bank statement for the present
  • Complete details of properties owned by you as on 30.06.2018, such as value shares as well as the expense of buildings and so on.

Process of Filing in Pakistan

  1. you have to go on the FBR IRIS Website.
  2. You have to Make an account for the filer. For making the account You have to click on the Registration for Unregistered Person
Registration process

Fill out the form and then click submit. Congratulation you are now the Tax filer of Pakistan

Form Filling for being a filer in PK

How to check You are currently a Filer or Not?

Check your ATL (Active Taxpayer List) Online

To check your Online Portal online follow these steps:

  1. you have to open the link below
  3. Then put your details select CNIC or NTN.
  4. Then enter Registration No and date.
Put your NTN or CNIC after become a filer in Pakistan

5. Fill out the captcha and then click verify

Check ATL after becoming a filer

How to Check your ATL via SMS

Type “ATL (space) 13 digits Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC)” and send to 9966.

Check Active Taxpayer status of AOP and Company by SMS through the following procedure:

Type “ATL (space) 7 digits National Tax Number (NTN)” and send to 9966.

Check AJ&K Active Taxpayer status by SMS through the following procedure:

For Individual, type AJKATL (space) CNIC (without dashes). Send it to 9966.

Having NTN AJKATL (space) 11-digit NTN (without dashes). Send it to 9966.

Advantages of Coming to Be a Filer

The government of Pakistan has actually established the legislation of paying taxes. Every salaried person or organization has responsibilities to adhere to the legislation, submit their income tax return, as well as pay tax obligation yearly. According to the FBR (Federal Board of Profits), Pakistan is one of those nations in the world that has the lowest GDP (Gross Domestic Product). It shows the nation’s development in a year.

The FBR has categorized the total population in two courses:

Filer as well as Non-filer.

Filer is the individual or organization on the energetic checklist of Tax; in other words, the routine taxpayer.

Non-filer is a person that is out that listing.

The current population of Pakistan has to do with 200 million in which we just have 1% of the populace remains in the listing of the energetic filers. A number of our people are unaware of its significance as well as benefits. The quantity of tax gathered by people is utilized in numerous projects, incomes of civil servant, and so on. As a result of which the Pakistani government is making every possible step to make citizens pay tax obligation.

The government of Pakistan supplies filers with many advantages to urge their efforts and also make the remainder of the populace take part as well as implement this law. Several of the encouraging benefits are listed here:

  • Where non-filer specialists pay 15% as a tax, the filer has actually taken advantage of spending half of the amount, which is 7.5%.
  • On taking out the amount of greater than 50,000 non-filers needs to pay 0.6% tax whereas, filers are enabled to pay only 0.3% tax.
  • In regards to lorry’s token, non-filers have to pay concerning 1200 to 30,000, whereas filers are paying 800 to 10,000 of the tax amounts.
  • In terms of Prize Bond prize money, non-filer will get a reduction of 25% tax obligation whereas, filers have to pay just 15% tax.
  • Similarly, on buying property, energetic taxpayers need to pay 50% less tax obligation quantity as non-filer.
  • The federal government has actually restricted Non-filer from acquiring a residential property
  • worth more than 50 lacs, whereas; filers have no limitations.
  • In regards to residential property transfer, tax obligation filers are meant to pay 1% of tax where Non-filers need to pay 2% of it.
  • If a filer has a business of Imports, he needs to pay a 5.5% tax, whereas non-filer has to pay 8%.

These are a few of the advantages of becoming a  filer in Pakistan. Paying tax is one of Citizens’ obligations, which are getting overlooked due to absence of awareness.

The Pakistani government has actually started to register filers online with no trouble of the line, waiting, and also other points to make it easier. It is currently on the convenience of your fingertips and also mobile phones to come to be a filer. You will certainly find out the treatment with step by step overview with us in this write-up, so remain tuned.

List of Records required for Income Individual/ Utilized to become filer in Pakistan

  • Tax Reduction Certificate of Financial Year * (July to June).
  • Record of tax repayments made in shape of money Withdrawal, Banking instruments, Kid College Charge, Mobile and Telephones, Car Enrollment as well as Symbol, Acquisition and also Sale of Residential property etc.
  • Any Added Income Source (Rental Fee, Bank Profits, Reward, Prize Bonds, Foreign Earnings, Funding Gain, Present, Inheritance if any type of.

Listing of Records required for Company Individual and also Freelance to become Filer in Pakistan.

  • Earnings documents to confirm amounts (Business Financial institution Statements and Accounts etc.)
  • Records of all expenditures– cheque signs up, bank card declarations, Income Costs, Rental Fee Costs, Energies Costs, Traveling, Interaction Expenses etc.
  • Business-use property information (price, day placed in service, and so on) for depreciation.
  • Workplace in home information, if applicable.
  • Document of tax settlements made in shape of money Withdrawal, Banking instruments, Electricity, Children College Charge, Mobile as well as Telephones, Car Registration as well as Token, Purchase and also Sale of Residential property etc.
  • Any type of Extra Income Source (Lease, Financial Institution Profits, Reward, Reward Bonds, Foreign Earnings, Capital Gain, Present, Inheritance if any.

Listing of Documents needed in case of Rental Income to come to be Filer in Pakistan.

  • Records of income as well as costs.
  • Rental asset info (price, date placed in service, and so on) for devaluation.
  • Document of Tax Settlements made during the Fiscal year July to June.
  • Any Kind of Extra Income (Financial Institution Profits, Returns, Reward Bonds, Foreign Revenue, Capital Gain, Pension, Gift, Inheritance if any kind of.

List of Records in case of Retirement Income to end up being filer in Pakistan.

  • Pension/annuity income/Retirement Advantages.
  • Social security earnings (if any).
  • Record of Tax obligation Settlements made during the Fiscal year.
  • Any Additional Source of Income (Rental Fee, Bank Profits, Returns, Prize Bonds, Foreign Earnings, Resources Gain, Present, Inheritance if any kind of.

Listing of Files called for in case of Cost savings & Investments or Dividends to become filer in Pakistan.

  • Rate of interest, reward earnings.
  • Income from supplies or various other home.
  • Days of procurement, documents of your cost of purchase or other basis in residential or commercial property you marketed.
  • Expenses related to your financial investments. – Record of tax obligation payments made fit of money Withdrawal, Financial instruments, Kid College Charge, Mobile as well as Telephone, Car Registration as well as Symbol, Purchase and also Sale of Home, Resources Gain on Stocks, Gift, Inheritance and so on.