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Law Colleges in Lahore

This article will explore the Law Colleges In Lahore Listing for students who have finished their intermediate or graduate requirements and are interested in furthering their education in the legal area. Students seeking entry into LLB might choose between two kinds of legal studies. There is a 5-year LLB program for students who have completed their intermediate education, and a 3-year LLB program for those who have completed their undergraduate studies and have a BBA, BA, B.Com, B.S.C., or an equivalent degree.

Lahore is home to several excellent LL.B institutions that train students for successful careers in law. The salary that attorneys get from their practice allows them to live comfortably. Getting into one of the top law schools in Lahore is a must if you want a successful legal career.

Top 7 law Colleges in Lahore

Our post features a ranking of the top Lahore law schools. We hope this directory of law schools will serve as a starting point for your legal study.

1: Punjab Law College Lahore


In the world of law, Lahore’s legal community holds Punjab Law College in high esteem as an educational institution. It is significant because it was the first particular legal school in Lahore. The PU acknowledges that it is valid. The Punjab Groups founded this prominent educational school in October 1987.

Institute goal:

The intention was to provide excellent legal advice, with special attention paid to the function of Islamic law and its implementation in Pakistan. With the mission of providing the best possible legal education, the school has recruited highly qualified instructors. Section I, Section II, and Section III are the three distinct parts of the LL.B curriculum. It concludes with a University final exam. B.A. LL.B program lasts five years. B.A. (2 years) and LL.B. (Part-I, Part II, and Part III) culminate in a University final examination.

2: National Law College Lahore


The National Law College in Lahore is one of the most prestigious educational institutions in its field and a pioneer in the legal education sector. Lahore cant is where you’ll find it. This school has already pioneered competitions on the regional and national levels and has ambitious plans to expand internationally.

Financial Support:

Scholarships are awarded by the financial aid department of the institution to the students who demonstrate the greatest need. This institution is fantastic for a number of reasons, one of which is that they offer courses that can be completed online for those who are either unable to leave their homes or who already have full-time jobs. The institution also provides the option of participating in simulated court procedures.

3: Shaikh Ahmad Hassan School of Law – LUMS



The college LUMS is recognized all over the region. In 2013, LUMS suggested creating a law school in Shaikh Ahmad Hassan’s name (SAHSOL). They include a 5-year BA-LLB program wherein students must meet educational requirements in order to get legal knowledge over the first two decades. The next three years of their education will be tough for the students as they specialize and are introduced to the main legal topics.


Its goal is to become Pakistan’s best law school and the world’s best and most renowned institution for doing legal research. This institution is committed to giving students the best education possible while ensuring that they adhere to social, cultural, and religious norms.

4: Pakistan College of Law Lahore


In January 1996, work began on establishing the Pakistan College of Law. In September 1996, it was granted affiliation with the University of Punjab. The community college address is 46-A Tipu Block in the New Garden Town neighborhood of Lahore. A pro-corporation that operates in the corporate companies is in charge of running the college. Since it was first established, the Pakistan College of Law has made consistent advancements, including reaching the top spot in university rankings and participating in several international linkage programs.


At PCL, we allow our students the opportunity to have a very intimate experience by permitting them to get to know their teachers, their Dean, as well as the Public Prosecutor. Our students can interact with renowned academics from across the globe who teach at esteemed universities and are leaders in their respective fields of study. Our objectives here at PCL are quite clear. As the most prestigious and forward-thinking law school in the country, it is our mission to guarantee that our graduates are adequately equipped to thrive in today’s dynamic legal environment.

5: Superior Law College Lahore


Lahore is home to some of the world’s best universities, including the renowned Superior Law College. This legal school has a curriculum that lasts for five years and is called an LL.B. Students at Superior College of Law have access to law clinics, which allow them to practice what they have learned in the classroom in real-life scenarios and with clients. The collection has a wide variety of materials, including textbooks (both physical and digital), periodicals (including print media), folders, and other media formats, including Optical discs.


 A digital legal archive, literature store, online law workshops, argument organization, community center, and debating club are among the campus amenities. They make it simple for individuals who work long hours to get their legal degrees while working by offering morning and afternoon sessions to its students.



The Quaid-e-Azam Law College in Lahore is, throughout its existence, maintaining a legacy that empowers employees, creativity, and possibility. Since its inception, the institution has offered comprehensive graduate knowledge that encompasses all aspects of law, including its concept, ethics, and execution. The whole first graduate school in Punjab to be operated by a non-profit organization, the Queen’s Law College, was founded in 1987.


Since the beginning of the 1980s, QLC has been dedicated to offering its students excellent legal training that molds them into groomed and highly capable attorneys and prepares them for professional achievement in the legal field.

7: City Law College Lahore


The City Law College aims to teach its students a theoretical and applied education that will help them to develop personally and give them the greatest tools for earning a livelihood, whether via a career in law or any other field where having a legal background is advantageous.

Their Aim:

The City Law College’s mission is to educate its students so that they may practice law successfully after graduation. As a result, the training will also include topics more applicable to real-world situations, such as writing, methods of direct examination, law moots, and legal research.


The area of legal education is highly respected, and Lahore is house to several of the most prestigious law schools in the nation. There are several schools and universities in Pakistan that provide legal degrees, ranging from a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) to a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), and some of these institutions follow a semester-based curriculum. In addition, a competent lawyer may earn a respectable livelihood and lead an extravagant lifestyle because of the financial potential of this prestigious profession. There are a number of prestigious educational institutions in Lahore, Pakistan, known as universities and colleges, that provide B.A. and LLB degrees. On the other hand, to facilitate your research and support you, we have compiled a list of the Leading and Excellent Law Colleges in Lahore focused on each institution’s professional standards and excellence.