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Law Firms in Karachi

If you are looking for a reliable and reputable law firm in Karachi, look no further than the firms on this list. Our comprehensive guide will help you find the right firm for your needs based on your specific legal requirements. These firms have a proven track record of success and are dedicated to providing their clients with quality legal representation. So, whether you face a criminal charge, need to file for divorce, or have any other issue, one of these firms can help.

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Irfan Mir Halepota & Associates

Irfan Mir Halepota & Associates is one of Pakistan’s most prestigious law firms, with an international reputation for excellence. Established in 2003 and distributed throughout all four Quarters on Earth (Islamabad, Karachi, London), it specializes specifically in Domestic Litigation as well as Arbitration services, offering clients access into both local courts or major disputes abroad via its mediation center, which allows them negotiation without having any preconditions before even starting talks.

Irfan Mir Halepota & Associates is committed to providing each client with successful results. The lawyers at this firm consider the appropriate legal principles, conduct thorough research, and offer individualized options for their clients’ cases because they take personal pride in quality work that provides satisfaction.

The legal team at Irfan Mir Halepota & Associates is a good mix of young and seasoned professionals. All qualified lawyers are committed to diligently representing clients through complex situations with hard work as their maxim.

A. Nawaz Osmani Law Associates

The founder of the law firm, A. Nawaz Osmani, has been providing high-quality legal services for three generations with his outstanding efforts and skills in both sacks as a well successful track record that helped him secure many landmark cases including ones dealing within Karachi or Islamabad while also maintaining solid ties all over Pakistan through this network he’s built up over time which makes them one-of-kind consultancy you’ll want on your side if ever needed. The Advocates at The Firm have a prestigious reputation in a short period by providing high-quality legal services before Trial Courts, Special Tribunals, and Appellate bodies. Now they are operating under new management with immense experience to serve needs clients around Pakistan.

Osman Law Associates is a firm that provides high-quality, solution-oriented legal services to their valued clients, including individuals and business groups. They have successfully navigated the court system from start to finish in trial courts and at various levels within Pakistan’s Supreme Court System.

Liaquat Merchant Associates (LMA)

The LMA Barristers, Advocates & Corporate Legal Consultants team is a full-service law firm that provides clients with quality legal representation in domestic and international cases. Their practice areas include corporate/commercial counsel and civil litigation. In addition, they specialize in intellectual property rights or employment contracts for employees who work abroad under different employers’ HR practices, so you need an attorney familiar with local laws and how these things operate internationally.

LMA (Liaquat Merchant Associates) is a premier law firm with over 40 years of experience, representing clients at all judicial and quasi-judicial forums. The team advises leading companies on regulatory matters as well as having extensive knowledge about Pakistani laws, which they are using to assist foreign firms looking into doing business here in Pakistan or just needing help navigate through some complicated administrative procedures necessary when doing so successfully; LMA also offers secretarial services including document preparation, attestations signing, etc.,

LMA has a client-centered approach that offers international reach and values, including integrity and professionalism. They focus on providing quality advice, emphasizing the most intricate or complicated matters to each individual they serve, which is why their results speak volumes about them.

JA Legal (Barristers & Advocates) are a team of dedicated professionals who offer legal services in various fields. Their practice areas include taxation and customs duties, corporate/commercial law for businesses up to an internationally recognized level such as multinational corporations with branches across Pakistan; real estate property including landlord-tenant disputes, or acquisition advice on building sites before they become functional properties – They also provide representation when leases come into effect renewing old ones if necessary! We deal extensively

We have created numerous successful cases dealing exclusively with IP issues like patents applications etc., employment litigation involving claims against employers.

The firm is founded by Barrister Junaid Ahmed, who has years of experience and vast knowledge in the legal field. He operates with a commitment to discretion utmost professionalism while providing regular updates on your case daily if needed or whenever you want it discussed further.

The firm offers specific and complex legal advisory, drafting of documents, and representation before courts in Pakistan. Their client-focused approach has resulted in them finding solutions for various needs across different industries with their expertise spanning all levels, including ombudspersons or tribunals.

Daudpota International

Daudpota International is an international law firm that provides legal services in various practice areas, including Intellectual Property and Franchising to Information Technology M&A Dispute Resolution Competition Fintech Estate Planning. The company offers clients access across 43 countries around the world through its network of local offices throughout Asia Pacific North America Latin Europe Middle East Africa Caucasus India subcontinent – UAE & Oman as well at their Dubai headquarters which can be used for arbitration or litigation matters relating both personal injury lawsuits against businesses involved accidents occurring within those locations where it’s also headquartered.

Ahmed & Qazi

They are a top law firm in Pakistan with high-quality standards and a fast turnaround time. We maintain our position as the number one Chinese client for power projects infrastructure developments because we train lawyers to work on these types of cases specifically and provide proper legal guidance from knowledgeable staff who speak the Mandarin language, among other things too.

Ahmed Ali Dewan & Co

Ahmed Ali Dewan & Co is a well-established firm working with their expertise and appreciable performance. The company provides services in the field of Intellectual Property Rights all over countries. In addition, it offers law-related advice such as civil, criminal, etc., within Pakistan’s jurisdiction. They also have very able attorneys who are passionate about solving problems creatively through negotiation, which makes them successful strategic problem solvers today.

Ali & Associates

With over 40 years of experience, Ali & Associates is an internationally recognized full-service Pakistani law firm covering commercial, corporate, and civil laws. They have a particular specialization in the areas like Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), Media & Telecommunication Services including Internet Technology Walks you through all aspects related to this dynamic topic.

Abraham & Sarwan

Abraham & Sarwana are the leading law firm in Pakistan. They have been meeting challenges and satisfying expectations for over 50 years, with demonstrably good results that showcase their ability to carve out a niche as one of the international clients’ top choices when it comes time to make legal representation happen.

Azimuddin Law Associates

The founding of the law firm Azimuddin Law Associates in 1958 is an example that shows how much can be accomplished when individuals with drive and determination work together. The years since then have seen many awards earned, both by partners and associates who have helped build this company into one where you are guaranteed quality service at all times.

FazleGhani Advocates

In the early days of Pakistan, lawyers needed to fight tooth and nail to maintain their client’s rights. FazleGhani Advocates has been around since 1953 when their founder established them as a judge at one point during his career before reestablishing himself once more with many years’ experience under his belt and coming back full force so we could keep fighting those battles he knew all too well — right up until today.

Hafeez Pirzada Law Associates

The late Abdul Hafeez Pirzada BSc established HPLA (Hafeez Pirzada Law Associates). LLD, barrister and senior advocate, Supreme Court, in 1959. Having authored the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan 1973, he is remembered as a leading expert in Constitutional and Administrative Law. Under the dynamic vision of the firm’s new head, Abdul Sattar Pirzada, barrister and advocate, Supreme Court, HPLA has grown considerably in size with flourishing results.

Kabraji & Talibuddin

Kabraji & Talibuddin is a corporate and commercial law firm in Pakistan that has been recognized for its innovative approach to project finance, energy affairs, merger/acquisition counseling, and dispute resolution. The two-name partners have over 60 years of legal experience between them, which gives them an edge when working on these complicated matters at hand.

The team’s prominent figurehead is shown nationally and internationally -for being one among few lawyers willing to provide services related to these fields within country limits or outside it.

Mak & Co

The establishment of M/s Manzoor Ali Khan & Co., Advocates & Legal Consultants (the “Firm”), was a logical next step for the Senior Advocate Supreme Court after starting his firm in 1961. The one thing that these two firms have always shared is their commitment to excellence and integrity; they’re both registered under Rule 68 with Sindh’s Law Society – which means not only do we follow proper procedures but also hold ourselves accountable should anything go wrong or illegal happen within our surroundings during practice hours.

Nishtar & Zafar Corporate Counsels

Nishtar & Zafar Corporate Counselors are a business and commercial law firm with an exceptional reputation for delivering customized solutions to demanding deadlines. They cover the broadest spectrum of legal, financial engineering assignments that require expertise in taxation policy development and economic issues such as transaction structuring or financial modeling during negotiations on contracts between companies found throughout Pakistan. Still, they also offer assistance outside this region if required.

Rafiq Kalwar & Dars

Rafiq Kalwar and Dars are a pre-eminent dispute resolution team in Karachi. They offer litigation arbitration services with the ability to specialize across various areas, which ensures their clients’ interests will be looked after optimally by being efficient or reasonable enough for you.


if you are looking for a lawyer in Karachi, there are plenty of firms to choose from. But not all firms are created equal. Make sure to do your research before selecting the right one for your needs. We hope this post has helped you learn more about law firms in Karachi and what to look for when choosing one

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