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Marriage Registration Certificate Nadra {Complete Guide}

What is Marriage Registration Certificate|Nikkah Nama?

The (MRC) Marriage Registration Certificate by Nadra in Pakistan is essential and strong. It is a concrete lawful proof of marital relationship (Nikah) document between two persons (husband and wife) in Pakistan. There are two marital relationship certifications in Pakistan, e.g., Urdu Nikkah Nama and English Marriage Certificate. The last Marriage Certificate provided by NADRA is a fully electronic and a lot more authentic record utilized in all lawful discussion forums.

What is Nadra’s Marriage Certificate Registration?

Like NADRA Birth Certificate, these NADRA Marriage Registration Certificates are also totally electronic and authentic records consisting of both Urdu & English contents. Currently, for several lawful matters in Pakistan and other countries globally, these official NADRA Marriage Registration Certificates are being used in place of Nikkah Nama in Urdu.

Why Marriage Certificate|Nikkah Nama|NADRA Marriage Registration Certificate is required?

A marital relationship certification (Nikkah Nama) might be needed for various factors. It might be needed as proof of adjustment of a party’s name, on problems of the authenticity of a kid, throughout divorce procedures, or as part of a genealogical background, besides other purposes.

What files are required for the issuance of a Marriage Certificate in Pakistan?

To get NADRA Marriage Registration Certificate in Pakistan adhering to records can be called for:

  • An application form (filled and signed by the candidate)
  • Copy of CNIC (Pakistani ID Card) from the bridegroom
  • Copy of CNIC from the bride
  • CNIC copies from papa & mom of Groom and bride
  • Copy of CNIC from Nikkah Khawan (Molvi)

How can we get an official marriage certificate or copy of the marital relationship certification?

  1. Arrange all required documents and visit the appropriate releasing office from the above checklist depending upon your current house address. All major cities like Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Multan, Hyderabad, and Peshawar neighborhood union councils are accredited to issue NADRA marriage certifications utilizing NADRA installed systems on a special paper. While for citizens of cantonment areas, it can be issued from cantonment board workplaces, for residents of lots of small cities, it can also be acquired from TMA workplaces, and Islamabad residents can acquire their NADRA marital relationship certificates from the Arbitration Council office.
  2. Worried providing workplace will certainly ask you to load a NADRA marital relationship certification application. This application form can be gotten from the very same providing office. Click here to examine the example application form to know its materials.
  3. Send your papers and the filled application form and the main fee in the same providing workplace.
  4. Collect your NADRA marriage certification from the same issuing workplace on a given date. In typical situations, NADRA marriage certification can be released within 3-5 functioning days if all required papers are offered, but this period can vary in various situations.
  5. Ensure that all materials of your NADRA marriage certificate are precise. Please re-check your details on marital relationship certification and match them with your official documents. You can ask for adjustment if there is any typo error by the releasing office.

How long is it considered the issuance of a Marriage Certificate in Pakistan?

There is no specific period for a marital relationship certificate; however, it practically takes about 7 to 15 days after applying to the union council.

Where Can make use of the NADRA Marriage Registration Certificate?

NADRA marriage certification can be utilized in a different procedure.

  • To prove the marriage agreement abroad
  • Immigration function
  • Family Visa
  • Divorce issues
  • Dissolution of marriage
  • All legal matters

Marriage Certificate NADRA Verification Online check

The Authority does not use NADRA marriage certification confirmation or online checks.