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Top 8 Law Sites in Pakistan

you can’t do something that is illegal. A law is very important because it ensures that people follow the rules. Laws are set by governments to protect society from criminals. If someone breaks a law, that person can be sent to jail. There are many things that can be done with the law, but it is best to hire an attorney. An attorney will help you to understand the law and laws.

In today’s world, it is important to know the law and laws. In fact, a lot of people have become lawyers, judges, police officers, etc. because of this reason. This is why, the importance of law sites in Pakistan is increasing day by day. These sites offer a lot of information about the law and laws.

1: Ministry of Law & Justice

This cabinet-level Ministry of Law & Justice of Pakistan has responsibility and is also responsible for administering Legislation & Administration of Court. The Ministry’s legislative exec figure is referred to as the Minister for Law, Judge, that should be a chosen lawmaker and Parliamentarian. The Minister for Justice is connected with imposing legislations and management of federal government judicial divisions, and is a public skin of the authorities in legal solutions required due to the condition. The Ministry’s management is moved due to the Law Secretary of Pakistan. It is presently moved through Farogh Naseem since 20 August 2018.


  • Administration Wing (Internal).
  • Administration Wing (External).
  • Solicitor Wing.
  • Development Wing.
  • Contract Wing.
  • Research Wing.
  • FA’s Organization.

2: Rahmat Law

Law Document Access Unit was created in 1992 and executed on Pakistan’s Tax Laws. The system includes a complete report of statutes and also case-laws. Statues contain Act/Ordinances. Rules, Circulars. Circular Letters. General orders. Original and reversed notifications. (SROs). Case-laws consists of case headnotes. Full Judgments of Supreme Court of Pakistan. High Courts of Pakistan. Appellate Tribunals. FTO. This online law record access system has a key feature: the Date-wise filing of Laws, Rules, & SROs. This is a unique feature that allows you to study, research, analyze, and execute Statues over a period of time. Bureaucracy also interlinks areas and schedules of a law with other areas, timetables, circulars, circular letters, basic orders, SROs or Cases of Courts associated with that specific area.

This Law Record Retrieval System offers its users an online search engine. It provides a legal way to find information. Now newest and enhanced version of that system is offered online at this Law Library Website, trusted by reputable public and economic sectors across the country. Their website is among the very best law sites of Pakistan.

We have a group of dedicated experts with experience in different profession areas associated with the automation of Pakistan’s Law. Their experts are made up of Web Designers/Programmers, Law Experts as well as System Analyzers, Software Designers, Web Designers/Web Designers, Programmers and Information Feeding/Proofreading professionals. Customer’s Support Executives also work with them. Sales and Marketing Professionals too. All the workers is properly educated and get ongoing in-house exercise. Their team operates under various high quality authority techniques.

The most crucial part of introducing a service is obtaining customers. We are blessed with millions of satisfied clients. Their clients are all across Pakistan: Higher Courts and Tax Tribunals; Federal Broad of Revenue and its departments; Large Taxpayers Units; Regional Tax Offices; Federal Tax Judge; National and Multinational Companies; Banks; Tax Bars. Chartered Accountants, Advocates. Sales Tax & Income Tax Professionals. Taxation Specialists. Income Tax Practitioners. Income Tax Commissioners.

To get 33 years, The Legal 500 has been evaluating the abilities of law practice across the world, with a extensive research study program modified and upgraded each year to carry one of the most updated dream of the worldwide lawful industry. The Legal 500 determines the powers of attorney in more than 150 legal systems, the outcomes of which can easily be watched for free utilizing the “Rankings” tab on top of the web page.

The positions are based upon a collection of requirements, but basically, we emphasize the method location staffs who are offering one of the most reducing advantage and ingenious guidance to business counsel. Their research study is based upon comments from 300,000 customers around the world, entries from law practice and meetings with top family practice attorneys, and a staff of specialists who have incomparable expertise in the legal industry.

The Legal 500 creates an extensive collection of resources for internal lawyers consisting of roundtables, customer understanding records and identifies and awards the very best internal legal professionals through our GC Powerlist collection and The Legal 500 Trophies. Feel free to use the buttons on top of the display to discover much more.

The Legal 500 is Cyber Fundamentals accredited and a certified London Living Wage employer.


P. L. J and A. R. Technologies Provides LAW ONLINE center with 100% Precision. New and Much Better Features Included.  Looking is now really easy. This Website aids the attorneys to find the charges and various kind of laws to resolve the issues of the legal professionals.


Gateway to Excellence in which Lawyers and Community can accessibility Caselaw plus all laws service. A simple way to gain access to law. An Easy to use Site and obtain the service of your issues on one click on of key.

5: National Judicial (Policy Making) Committee

 A 2002 Ordinance (LXXI) established the National Judicial (Policy Making) Committee. Chief Justice of Pakistan serves as the Chairman and Chief Justice, Federal Government Shariat Law Courtand Chief justices of the High Court’s serve as its registered members. As the Executive secretary of the Committee, Law & Justice Commission of Pakistan has been appointed. The Secretariat of the Commission presents secretarial guidance to the Board.


The National Judicial (Policy Making) Committee is needed to collaborate and balance judicial regulation throughout the court body, and in balance using the Law & Justice Commission of Pakistan, guarantee its application.

The Committee executes the following:

  • Enhancing the apability and performance of the administering of justice
  • Preparing efficiency criteria for jurisdictional specialists and particular people connected with functionality of judicial and quasi-judicial purposes
  • Upgrade in the terms and conditions of professional service of jurisdictional experts and suite personnel, to guarantee experienced and competent bar
  • The newspaper of every year or the routine reports of Supreme Court, Federal Shariat Law Court and High Courts, High Courts, High Courts, High Courts, High Courts, High Courts, High Courts, High Courts, High courts and courts serving to High Courts, Managerial Courts, and Benches.

The Board is needed to release every year record regarding its sets off and this kind of additional regular or unique records associating with its functioning, as it regards fit. The reports are sent to the President of Pakistan.


Including a collection of more than 100 databases, by having more than 1 million legal documents and more than 10.4 million web pages, our legal research study method offers high quality relevant information with a user interface that makes research study a quicker, easier and more effective procedure.


Obtain outcomes on the subject matter of your research in nanoseconds. No extra checking out indexes at libraries as well as awaiting web pages to load. The most recent version of is the quickest.


Providing top quality legal research study, no more needs comprehensive information of the complex legal system in itself.  As a result of the intuitive user interface and extensive topic quick guide, anybody who has accessibility to the Internet can immediately perform research independently, no matter their place or period of time.

More Effective

Their web content is up-dated every day, following extensive requirements of quality assurance, thereby guaranteeing that your research study is exact and updated. With possibilities to filter your search results and capability to process searches, you devote fewer time scrolling and further time developing your argument.

7: Pakistan lawyer

INTRODUCTION is providing ever since 1996, as a common and scalable software product crafted to help legal professionals and other specialist in browsing laws and common law. It additionally helps with general public and law learners to recognize law and to offer them support. It features the privileged to become the “First website on law in Pakistan”.

In technological good sense might be called as a website and being really a law portal, it provides all of the basic capabilities of a website way in which involve hunting of laws, common law, and notices along with looking for lawyers in Pakistan. The website is common somewhat, yet it specifies to law and law market

As well as all of such features, the differentiating feature of this particular web website is the association of the lawyer online community with the site in itself which allows web content to become published on the web site and offering concepts and recommendations, thus creating the site increasingly more extensive and goal adapted.

All of the above distinctive performances create, the very best and the preferred site on law in Pakistan.

Purposes is a site intended not just at the attorneys and intellectuals but also to legislation students, those considering law and many people alike.

The main objectives of can be categorized into following broad goals: –

  • Understanding of law
  • Promotion of law
  • Usage of information technology in law.
  • Offering assistance to lawyers and legislation students in research study

The purposes of may be well recognized, if we recognize the experience and evaluate the problems lawyers and general people are facing.

Usually, the common people of Pakistan are uninformed and unknowing of different laws imposed. There prevail misunderstandings about legislations and law enforcing companies.  In some cases, upright people do what is called as grave wrong even if of lack of understanding. Basic perception of law is extremely obscure and in most cases the idea is totally reverse to what law really is. Law establishes as culture develops.  Understanding of law amongst the participants of the community is for that reason, primary factor for advancement of community.

People are scammed due to ignorance of law. People do not gain access to government authorities or to the law courts due to not recognizing the laws. However, Pakistani Lawyers remain in general uninformed of using information technology. Computer systems are limited for making use of word processing system. Email addresses are obtained but certainly never used. A few becoming this particular noble occupation is, to a level, knows the benefits of information technology. The objective of is to catch the attention of lawyers to choose information technology and to benefit from this fantastic technology. We at are seeking difficult to create lawyers to integrate law and technology with each other for the advantage of the entire community and also for the system

8: Javed Qazi and Co law firm



The firm has the history of two well-known lawyers and two brothers, late. Qazi Faiz Mohammad and late. Qazi Ghulam hadi, who began legal activities prior to the divisions. The former had been a lawyer for the public while the other was a expert in the field of illegal laws. In the province of Sindh there isn’t any need for the former in the case of limelight lawsuits being a scoring. He dedicated his lifestyle for the legal rights of the laborers, for their lawsuits within the court and battle for their legal rights on every online forum from national politics to craft union. He was the leader of the “Sindh Haari Board”

Qazi faiz Mohammad participated in lead function in Haari Allottee activity which activity is recorded in the history of Sindh being one of the “few fantastic motions of Sindh”.

The latter Qazi Ghulam was Gold Champion of the Bombay Board, Head of the 1st student union at the DJ Sindh government College and later appointed Vice-Chancellor of the District Council of the Nawabshah and also a member of the Sindh Assembly.

The elderly member of the Organization Mr. Javed Ahmed Qazi takes place to become the son of previous and cousin of the later. He completed his mechanical engineering degree from Mehran University Jamshoro, Hyderabad in 1988. Then He joined the Development Bank as a project manager. He was a project manager. Qazi did his banking specialization at the highly regarded Institute of the Bankers of Pakistan. He is effectively within and outside in corporate law and economic matters.

Mr. Javed Qazi is a devoted part of the civil community. He is a lawyer. Qazi practices in each legal field, including financial and corporate law questions, constitutionally based applied civil and criminal lawsuits, NAB laws, land as well as property law family law, trade unions and taxation law etc. Legally the Firm consisted Karachi, Pakistan in 2015; it’s a group of legal professionals and assistance who has large expertise in law field. Mr. Qazi has been standing for customers for over ten years and started his firm as an advocate in Karachi. Mr. Qazi broadened everything around the Province of Sindh and Pakistan. . After possessing many appeals and trials, both in both criminal and civil law, District & High Courts the law practice of the attorney has grown constantly at both places. The group of paraprofessionals and attorneys of Javed Qazi & Co. has vast years of experience in the legal area. The office space has been expanded gradually to satisfy the needs of its increasing clients.

Their responsibility and benefit are to secure each customer to the maximum scope of law and to help them at household ease and purposefully we manage their claims and effort to recover peace in their lifestyles.

The aim of our law Firm is to gained the regard of our customers and legal society

We work challenging to sustain strong lasting credibility of quality, values and concern.

Even though the workplace has expanded, it has actually maintained its core viewpoint undamaged. To continuously, offer the very best legal solution, truthful guidance, to complete the job and with a group approach. We deal with our all customer’s expertly, focus on information, and comply with the principle.

We aim to become in interacting together with our clients and offer them continuous upgrade of their situations. We finish their issues with the very best feasible outcome because of our expertise in the local and national field.


Their commitment to choosing the Javed Qazi & Company. Law Firm that will provide you with the best legal services is an extremely important decision. If you select us you are going to quickly see the take advantage of our excellent work, services and our commitment in principles to assisting and looking after of our clients. Javed Qazi & Co. Law Firm is an excellent team of legal professionals that will certainly do work hard for you from the start of your

case as much as the actual final when your complaints concern resolved and you may be qualified to a healing. We are done to give the very best to our clients in their cases with good and unique interest and we are appreciative to be actually component of our family.


Their area of services Their legal firm specializes in criminal as well as civil lawsuits, constitutionally-suits and property and land issues and industrial unions, family law corporate and business taxation, NAB laws, corrections and preparation of legal documents, etc. … Their team meets with great passion in incredibly appealing and socially considerable cases. Their area of expertise is so complex and the intentions of our clients are so higher, that it is constantly a challenge to make the appreciation and trust fund of our clients. Their law practice with severe hard work and services motivated the customers to remain progressively throughout the tough times of their lives. We offer our greatest to deal


Their group of Lawyer has significant expertise of law. They are verbalized in composed and speech. To get maximum nice relief to our customers we suggest effectively in court of justice. We create the legal receipts and existing on trial. We attract affordable, logical decisions or presumptions from restricted information and deliver in depth suggests to our clients. We put together legal techniques to deal with their cases on a best course, using this stamina of our task and commitment we have attained a large client ship not only in the province of Sindh but all around the Pakistan and in foreign countries.

Their clients will certainly achieve advantageous outcomes by utilizing our services. We provide assessment to our clients that will enable them to with lawful ease. This allows us to understand more regarding the requirements and desires of our customers which ultimately allow us to offer them better.  Together with it, clients will complete trust also, which will permit them to really feel more relaxed and pleased along with our consultation/services.