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How To Become a Barrister in Pakistan

In order to become Barrister, you will need a university degree in law or Bachelor of Law (LLB) and three years of experience in the relevant field, which could be civil law, criminal law, family law or matrimonial law.

What is the Definition of Barrister?

A person qualified to act as a lawyer in the conduct of litigation in a court of law, usually a member of the Bar, having studied for and been admitted to the Bar.

In the context of the question, this means that the barrister is someone who has been admitted to the Bar (and hence is a member of the Bar) and who is qualified to act as a lawyer in the conduct of litigation in a court of law.

What is the difference between barrister and lawyer?

Thereafter I came across a lot of blogs talking about the difference between barrister and lawyer. It is indeed a good question. The two terms are often used interchangeably but there are actually subtle differences between the two.

“A lawyer is a person who practises law or who advises clients of their legal rights and obligations. The main function of a barrister is to practise advocacy in court.”

How to become a Barrister in Pakistan?

If you want to become a barrister in Pakistan, you need to complete your O and A Levels and then get your undergraduate degree from either London University or Pakistan college. Depending on the kind of budget you have. It is cheaper to study in Pakistan than the UK.


This is the first time in Pakistan that the Bar Transfer Course is taking place. If you want to become a barrister, you should study at the Blackstone School of Law in Lahore. Students can take online classes as well as on campus classes. While you study for your Bar at Law in Pakistan, the course will allow you to continue practicing. You will only have to go to the UK for one month to take the Bar Transfer Test. The duration of the Bar Transfer Course is 9 months.

The Bar Transfer Course students take the same exams as the Bar Professional Training Course students in order to get into the Bar at Law in the UK. The Bar Transfer Course students take about four exams instead of 12 exams.

You can join the big league.

As a qualified barrister, you can win cases for your clients with great advocacy skills and prestige.

There are steps to becoming a barrister

  1. Eligibility: You are eligible for the Bar at Law Transfer course if you are a licensed lawyer in Pakistan.
  2. Admission: You will be admitted to the Bar Transfer Course if we can access your required language skills.
  3. Preparation: You will go through advocacy workshops for skill development and practice, understand civil and criminal litigation, become an expert in ethics, and then go through test sessions for your final exams.
  4. Apply: We will help you with your visa application for the UK and the Bar Standard Board application for the Bar Transfer Test.
  5. Test: Advocacy, Civil Litigation, Criminal Litigation, and Professional Ethics are the areas in which you will have to go to the UK to take the exam.
  6. Become a Barrister: You will receive your Call to the Bar after you have passed your required exams. This means you can proudly put the title of “Barrister” with your name in Pakistan and the UK.

Save Time and Money

This route will allow you to skip the academic stage and train for the Bar while you continue your practice in Pakistan, as admission into the Bar Professional Training course is becoming increasingly difficult. The total fee after scholarship is approximately Rs. 10 lac 40,000.

Practical Skills and Puppilage

During your 9 months of preparation at the Legallawfirm School of Law, you will be trained by successful barristers in accordance with the curriculum mandated by the regulatory body in the UK. There are only a few institutions that provide complete guidance and support for students looking for pupillage after the Bar in the UK.

You can improve your Practice for becoming a barrister in Pakistan.

legallawfirm and provides students with opportunities to network with renowned lawyers. Our famous Law Clinic is a great place for our Bar Transfer Course students to learn about Pakistani procedural law and drafting. The majority of our Bar students form their own law firms after completing their program.

Provide complete support.

From the beginning of your application until the end of the program, takes complete responsibility. This program is the first of its kind and it was offered by We have achieved 100% success in getting exemptions for our students in the past. The most successful Bar program in Pakistan can be found at us.